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Treasures from the Collection Frits Lugt at the Institut Neerlandais Paris Sutton Denys ed

Treasures from the Collection Frits Lugt at the Institut Néerlandais, Paris
Sutton, Denys (éd.)

Apollo, vol. CIV, N° 176 and 177, London, 1976.

In-4, reliure pleine toile éditeur, encadrement de filets dorés sur le plat supérieur, titre doré sur le dos, 146 pp.
Nombreuses illustrations en noir et blanc in texte.
Assez bon état. Menues salissures sur le plat supérieur, charnière légèrement fragilisée.

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L'amateur accompli : Frits Lugt, par D. Sutton - A connoisseur's collection of paintings, par Ella Reitsma - Lugt as a collector of chiaroscuro woodcuts, par Maria van Berge - Facets of indian painting, par Robert Skelton - Portrait miniatures from Holbein to Augustin, par Graham Reynolds - "Ex libris veteribus Frits Lugt", par H. De La Fontaine Verwey - Eight letters from Antonio Canova, par Hugh Honour - Unsuspected pleasures in artists' letters, par Petra Ten Doesschate-Chu - British artists abroad, par D. Sutton - The yellow wall, par D. Sutton - Sixteenth-century dutch figure-drawings, par K.G. Boon - The animal and his "lettres de noblesse", par J.G. Van Gelder - The appearance of reality - Dutch draughtsmen of the Golden Age, par E. Haverkamp-Begemann - From Troost to Troostwijk - Dutch drawings, 1720-1820, par J.W. Niemeyer - Flemish drawings from the age of Rubens, par R.A. d'Hulst - Bolognese drawings of the seventeenth century, par Roseline Bacou - Master draughtsmen of the venetian settecento, par James Byam Shaw - A spontaneous feeling for nature - French eighteenth-century landscape drawings - Notes on contributors.

"The name of Lugt has long been familiar in the art world as the author of the Marques de Collections (1921 and 1956), a two-volume dictionary of the marks used by many collector on the prints and drawings in their possession.

"Frits (Frederick) Johannes Lugt was born in Amsterdam on 4 May, 1884 and belonged to an old-established middle-class family, his earliest known ancestor being Pieter Jansz. (1575), who was a shipbuilder i Aalmeer ; the Jansz. changed their name to Lugt in 1750. Lugt's father was an engineer, who was director of the Public Works and then of the Electricity Board in Amsterdam ; his mother, Jeannette Verschuur, likewise came from sound bourgeois stock. She was the niece of the well known horse-painter Wonterus Verschuur (1812-1874) and made accomplished drawings.
"An early photograph of Lugt shows him a forceful and somewhat aggressive looking lad. By the age of eight he was aware of his bent and drew up a catalogue of his own museum  "Catalogus van Het Museum Lugtius Geopened als de Directeur thuis is" (Open when the director is at home), a document which tells us much about the man." (Denys Sutton)