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 p Frits Lugt p p 1884 1970 p p i Living for Art i p p A Biography p p Heijbroek J F p

Frits Lugt 


Living for Art

A Biography

Heijbroek, J.F.

Thoth Publishers, Bussum/Fondation Custodia, Paris, 2012.

History of Art History - The Dutch Collector, Art Dealer and Researcher Frits Lugt - Dutch and Flemish Art - The Fondation Custodia - Biography - Monographs - Text in English - Hardcover - Book in Good Condition

Fort in-8, reliure pleine toile éditeur sous jaquette illustrée en couleurs, signet, 473 pp.

Nombreuses illustrations en noir et en couleurs.

Texte en anglais.

Très bon état.

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Introduction - I. Family and Early Years (1884-1900) - II. Working at Frederik Muller & Cie (1900-1914) - III. On the Road to Independence (1915-1922) - IV. To Maturity. The Idyllic Time in Maartensdijk (1922-1931) - V. Between the Hague and Paris (1931-1939) - VI. Away from Europe (1939-1945) - VII. An Almost Unattainable Ideal in Paris (1945-1957) - VIII. A Dream Come True. The Fondation Custodia and the Institut Néerlandais in Paris (1957-1970) - IX. An Enduring Legacy - Appendix.

Living for Art is the life story of the eminent Dutch collector, art dealer, researcher and author Frits Lugt (1884-1970). 

"Between 1901 and 1915 he worked for an Amsterdam auction house, which flourished thanks in no small measure to his efforts. In 1915 he started to collect paintings, drawings, prints and antiquities on his own account. While he collected great masters like Rembrandt, Dürer, Rubens, Van Dyck and Watteau, he did not neglect other artists and acquired some outstanding works by less well-known names. He also published a number of standard works on art history that are still as valuable today as they ever were.

"In 1947, Lugt put his collection into a trust, the Fondation Custodia. Less than ten years later, in association with the Dutch state, he set up the renowned Institut Néerlandais in Paris. "

J.F. Heijbroek est conservateur au Rijksmuseum. Il a consacré de nombreuses études à l'histoire des collections et du marché de l'art.